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Immediately improve engagement and compliance with capabilities only available in a mobile workforce app.

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What’s Inside The App

Streamline Communication

Fragmented systems frustrate employees and reduce the effectiveness of your communications. Consolidate communication channels with a single, mobile-optimized platform.

Make it simple for employees to receive and access information while at the same time reducing vendor overload for you. Employees average about 10 hours per week searching for and gathering information. (The McKinsey Institute)

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Engage Employees

Outdated one-way communication channels are not meeting the challenges facing today’s modern workforce. Make it simple for employees to consume your communications and engage in the conversation. Encourage them to contribute, share, learn and question. Disengaged Employees cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion annually. (The Engagement Institute)

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Measure Success

Most companies have no way of evaluating the reach or effectiveness of their communications. As Peter Drucker said …”If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Streamline your channels into a single platform, capture the data, measure and improve. Productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees. (The McKinsey Global Institute)

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